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Welcome on WoW Netherlands
We are proud to present you with an new site and new forums. We are even prouder that we now can say that this is the official home of Project Rage. Project Rage will only be released on our forums from now on and it is not allowed to host or direct linking to the files on other forums. It is allowed to send people to this page so they can download it from here. Anyone that will direct link or host the file somwhere else will get banned from our site without any notice.
Ok what is WoW Netherlands all about?
We are an World of Warcraft Private Serer help site people can get server files and help here. The more expiriance users can help people out and place there server files as well on the forums. Also Project Rage releases will be released here and only here people can download it from our forums. We hope that we will get an nice standy friendly big communety together so more and more people get what they are looking for. This site is for you and supported by you so be nice help out where you can get you friends and so on the site and help out to make this one big communety.
We dont need to say that this site need time to grow. We just need to be patient and your help to make this work. We will try to advertise this site on some morpg top sites and so on. If you wane help than just place an link on your own site/home page or on other forums and sites. Make shure that when you advertice it on other sites and forums that it wont conflict the rules of them.
Regards TraSHmaN
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